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Top Level Subscription Program Tips

In our recent Linkedin video, Rob Holthause, our Director of Sales, shares three best practice ideas that are key for running a successful subscription program.  Let’s jump right into it. Tip #1: Make it clear how your program works No program is the same and your customers shouldn’t have to guess how yours works.  Most likely,… Read More »Top Level Subscription Program Tips

US Water Systems – Reaching the first 1000 Subscribers on Magento 2

A case study on US Water Systems showing how adding a subscription option increases revenue and improves the user experience for your most loyal customers. A good subscription program has tons of benefits.  At a high level, loyal customers have a convenient way to automatically reorder products they need and eCommerce merchants gain a more… Read More »US Water Systems – Reaching the first 1000 Subscribers on Magento 2

Subscription Spotlight: The Synergy Company

When it comes to subscriptions, few product categories are as well-suited to the model as vitamins and nutritional supplements. Case in point: Utah-based nutritional and well-being brand The Synergy Company, whose subscription program has been powered by Subscribe Pro for the last two years. We recently spoke with David White, Director of Customer Experience Marketing,… Read More »Subscription Spotlight: The Synergy Company

Anatomy Of An Order Gone Wrong

I recently had a very poor eCommerce experience with a large and well-established brand. The website and checkout experience were all fine, but the problems arose around communication, fulfillment, and shipping. Let’s break these down, and understand how they affect customer experience. Communication After placing the order in question, I received only one email, a… Read More »Anatomy Of An Order Gone Wrong

Selling A Subscription Program

Implementing a subscription program means making a long-term investment in your business – one that should pay substantial dividends. How you market and sell subscriptions to your customers makes all the difference in the success of your subscription program. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few strategies for successfully selling your customers… Read More »Selling A Subscription Program

Subscription Programs Add Value For Customers

Subscriptions provide a ton of value for businesses. Lifetime customer value increases, overall revenue is lifted, and subscriptions create a consistent revenue stream which can be relied on. Considering that subscriptions also help brands cement relationships with their customers, it’s plain to see why subscriptions are a slam dunk for many merchants. More importantly, though,… Read More »Subscription Programs Add Value For Customers

Subscribe Pro Announces a New Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Subscribe Pro today announced that it has launched a new integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the fastest path to unified commerce. Commerce Cloud enables brands to provide personalized experiences for shoppers that span web, mobile, social and in-store. And now, as part of the world’s #1 CRM platform – Salesforce – brands can deliver completely… Read More »Subscribe Pro Announces a New Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Apple Pay for Subscriptions & Recurring Payments Now Available

Subscribe Pro is pleased to announce support for Apple Pay payments in our Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrations! We’re pretty excited about this development since Apple Pay drastically improves the end-customer experience and means better conversion rates and higher retention for our brands and merchants. Did you know Apple Pay can raise mobile conversion… Read More »Apple Pay for Subscriptions & Recurring Payments Now Available

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