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Selling A Subscription Program

Implementing a subscription program means making a long-term investment in your business – one that should pay substantial dividends. How you market and sell subscriptions to your customers makes all the difference in the success of your subscription program. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few strategies for successfully selling your customers […]

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Subscription Programs Add Value For Customers

Subscriptions provide a ton of value for businesses. Lifetime customer value increases, overall revenue is lifted, and subscriptions create a consistent revenue stream which can be relied on. Considering that subscriptions also help brands cement relationships with their customers, it’s plain to see why subscriptions are a slam dunk for many merchants. More importantly, though, […]

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DTC Brands Are Looking To Sell In Retail Stores

In a recent blog post I discussed the benefits of selling direct to consumer (DTC) and why large legacy brands would want to explore their own sales channels outside of traditional retailers. There is, of course, a counterpoint to this: Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVB’s) that have exclusively sold DTC are now looking to sell […]

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Subscribe Pro To Join Panel At eCommerce Campfire

Subscribe Pro is excited to be attending the 2019 eCommerce Campfire event in Charlottesville, put on by our partners at Gauge. We’re equally thrilled that we’ve been asked to join other eCommerce innovators and industry leaders on the panel at the event. Titled “Customer Experience: Memorable Steps On The Digital Journey,” this eCommerce Campfire will […]

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CPG Companies Increasingly Focusing on DTC

A shift has been quietly happening in eCommerce, and it’s poised to be the next big trend: Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies that have historically sold through retailers are increasingly looking to sell direct-to-consumer (DTC.) While this can represent a challenge in terms of supply chain and logistics for companies that are used to fulfilling […]

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Sephora’s Subscription Success: Examining What Works

Sephora is the largest beauty retailer in the world, and the company has embraced digital since the early days of the internet. Their forward-thinking eCommerce strategies have given them a big leg up among young consumers, and resulted in tremendous international growth. Sephora gets a lot of things right- customers are made to feel like […]

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The Three Types of Subscription Programs

There has been an explosion of subscription programs over the past few years, and the trend isn’t slowing down at all. Companies large and small are turning to subscriptions to increase revenue while providing unique and pleasing customer journeys. With all the added value for customers, as well as increased lifetime customer value and ease […]

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Meet The Team: Amber O’Brien, Administrative Assistant

Amber O’Brien, Administrative Assistant at Subscribe Pro, is a positive and creative addition to the team.  She is a proud cajun-born and Carolina-raised southerner who enjoys meeting new people and helping businesses streamline their office practices. Formerly a manager of a military support non-profit in the Pacific Northwest, she is now a Baltimore transplant and […]

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Meet the team: Rob Holthause, Account Executive

 Meet the man behind the “Contact Sales” button on our website. Rob Holthause is our Account Executive, whose focus is on helping businesses improve their efficiency and grow their revenue while building a loyal customer base. Rob is a native Marylander, who, like the rest of the team, is proud to call Baltimore home. When […]

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Meet The Team: David King, Support Engineer

David King was our first Support Engineer here at Subscribe Pro, and he is our resident expert on automating your product subscriptions. David began teaching himself to code when he was 12, and began doing web development professionally in 2013- joining the Subscribe Pro team shortly thereafter. David enjoys playing drums and guitar, and would […]

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