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Meet the team: Rebecca Martino, Junior Full-Stack Developer

Meet Rebecca Martino, a Junior Full-Stack Developer at Subscribe Pro. Rebecca lends her skills to a number of projects, most notably reporting and analytics. Originally from Boston, Rebecca is a recent graduate of Loyola University Maryland. While an undergrad, she studied abroad in New Zealand and received her scuba diving certification. In her free time […]

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Subscription Spotlight: The Synergy Company

When it comes to subscriptions, few product categories are as well-suited to the model as vitamins and nutritional supplements. Case in point: Utah-based nutritional and well-being brand The Synergy Company, whose subscription program has been powered by Subscribe Pro for the last two years. We recently spoke with David White, Director of Customer Experience Marketing, […]

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Meet the team: Grayson Blanchard, Junior Full-Stack Developer

Meet Grayson Blanchard, a Junior Full-Stack Developer with Subscribe Pro. Grayson works on a number of development projects, including hosted My Subscriptions pages. Grayson is a recent graduate of McDaniel College, where he was active on the swim team. He is passionate about technology, and in his free time enjoys mountain biking and kayaking (and […]

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Meet the team: Kaitlyn Miller, Account Manager

Meet Subscribe Pro’s Account Manager, Kaitlyn Miller. Kaitlyn is the main point of contact for all of Subscribe Pro’s clients, and is responsible for onboarding new clients, ongoing check-in and business review calls, and ensuring the overall success of merchants’ subscription programs. A Virginia Beach native with an extensive background in client management and marketing, […]

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Subscriptions and Long Delivery Intervals

Quick question: when was the last time you changed your water filter? Or the air filter in your home’s HVAC system? The engine air filter in your car? Do you know what the recommended replacement intervals on those products are? It’s no surprise if you don’t know, I’d wager that most of us don’t. These products […]

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Salesforce SFRA and SiteGenesis Certification

Subscribe Pro isn’t new to the Salesforce ecosystem. In fact, we’ve had a SiteGenesis cartridge for over two years now. But we wanted to be able to support clients moving to SFRA (storefront reference architecture.) This framework supports beautiful websites with a strong focus on UX, and allows merchants a ton of flexibility when it […]

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Co-curation: Innovating the Subscriber Experience

According to this McKinsey report from last year, nearly one in six Americans had signed up for a subscription service at some point. The average consumer spends $465 per year on subscription services. Most of us can no longer remember a time before streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. As the subscription market has exploded […]

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Anatomy Of An Order Gone Wrong

I recently had a very poor eCommerce experience with a large and well-established brand. The website and checkout experience were all fine, but the problems arose around communication, fulfillment, and shipping. Let’s break these down, and understand how they affect customer experience. Communication After placing the order in question, I received only one email, a […]

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The Value of Music Streaming Services

Earlier this year, Spotify broke 100 million paid subscribers. Apple Music isn’t far behind, with 60 million. We are in the midst of a massive paradigm shift in the way that the average listener gets their music. What’s pushing people from an ownership model to an access model? Let’s take a look at the rise […]

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How Legacy CPG Brands Can Adapt To eCommerce

In our ever more connected world, consumers increasingly turn to eCommerce to purchase their favorite products. eCommerce sales were up about 15% in 2018, accounting for just over 14% of all retail sales. Online sales of consumer packaged goods (CPG) were up 35% in the same period, with gross revenues of $60 billion. Not as […]

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