Now Supporting Apple Pay on Magento 2

Connor Asman

May 20, 2021


Hurray Apple Pay!

We are pleased to announce that Subscribe Pro now supports Apple Pay on Magento 2 in addition to Magento 1 and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 

Read below for more information on why your team should enable Apple Pay and how to do so.

Why Now

Our product roadmap is driven by client need.  We prioritized Apple Pay because we wanted our M2 clients to experience the success our other platform clients are experiencing in reduced cart abandonment.

Starting today, you can enable Apple Pay for subscriptions and non-subscriptions by updating your Magento 2 extension and following our developer documentation.

250% Conversion Rate Increase

What can Apple Pay do for your eCommerce business and is it growing?

According to Apple  and Quartz :

  • Indiegogo saw a 250% conversion rate increase for pledged donations.
  • Conversion rates increase 2 – 5 times on average
  • Intuit found that invoices were paid 30% faster
  • Conversions on mobile devices increased by 20% for J. Crew
  • Lululemon increased conversions by “several orders of magnitude”
  • Apple Pay currently makes up 5% of global card transactions
  • Apple Pay is on pace to handle 1-in-10 global card transactions by 2025

How It Works

Apple Pay reduces friction at check out.  Without it, there are many steps a customer has to complete to make a purchase on your eCommerce site.  Each one of these steps is an opportunity to reconsider their purchase and abandon their cart.  Streamlining the check out, increases conversion rates and decreases cart abandonment.

Checkout without one-click ordering: Checkout with Apple Pay:
1. Create account 1. Create an account for a subscription item
2. Add shipping details 2. Tap or click the Apple Pay button.
3. Add billing details
4. Add card details
5. Flip card over and add CVV number
6. Review transactions
7. Confirm and pay



Inspired by our clients and industry knowledge around one touch check outs, we created this integration to increase conversions in the check out process.  It can be configured for subscriptions and non-subscriptions, or both.  We are very excited to see how enabling Apple Pay will benefit our Magento 2 clients.

We Love To Help

Contact Subscribe Pro support. We would love to help set up Apple Pay on your eCommerce site.

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