Top Level Subscription Program Tips

Connor Asman

March 23, 2021

In our recent Linkedin videoRob Holthause, our Director of Sales, shares three best practice ideas that are key for running a successful subscription program.  Let’s jump right into it.

Tip #1: Make it clear how your program works

No program is the same and your customers shouldn’t have to guess how yours works.  Most likely, your customers have had some type of subscription in the past.  Netflix, Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save”, or Blue Apron are some popular possibilities.  However, each of those examples is a different kind of subscription and has different benefits and features.  

We recommend that you create a frequently asked questions section about the program.  An informational webpage is also a great idea.  Include information on how to sign up, the benefits of the program, how easy it is to cancel and what customers can generally expect out of the program.  Clarity, honesty, and transparency go a long way to improving the subscription experience.  

Tip #2: Make Sure you have enough Product

As customers get used to regularly receiving their favorite products from your eCommerce site, the last thing you want is for them to not get their product because of supply issues.  We recommend regularly reviewing the reports in Subscribe Pro to monitor the amount of products needed for the program each month.  This number can vary and needs to be viewed in conjunction with one time orders. 

Tip #3: Make sure everyone on your team is on board with subscriptions

If everyone treats that with importance they will be more successful.  From all levels of your organization, people need to understand the value of the program and how they can help propel it forward.  For higher level executives this might look like sharing the vision of the program with your company and its partners.  For customer service representatives, they may want to bring up the program with customers calling in and highlight the program’s incentives and benefits.  The marketing team could publish a series of content on the program and experiment with different trials, bundles, and offers.  These are just a few ideas but the point is to be on the same page with your team about how subscriptions are important to company success. 

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