Salesforce SFRA and SiteGenesis Certification

Subscribe Pro

January 9, 2020

Subscribe Pro isn’t new to the Salesforce ecosystem. In fact, we’ve had a SiteGenesis cartridge for over two years now. But we wanted to be able to support clients moving to SFRA (storefront reference architecture.) This framework supports beautiful websites with a strong focus on UX, and allows merchants a ton of flexibility when it comes to customizing the site.

We spent the past year designing, building, and improving an SFRA cartridge, and are now happy to announce that it has been certified by Salesforce. In that process, our SiteGenesis cartridge was recertified as well. Both cartridges can be found on the Link Marketplace.

The certification from Salesforce represents a layer of trust that we’re very proud of. For more information, check out the press release.

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