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eCommerce & The “New Normal”

If you were to ask anyone who works in eCommerce when the right time for a business to start selling online would be, they’d almost universally answer “years ago.” Yet you might be surprised to learn that almost half of US small businesses do not have a website. That article linked in the previous sentence was written […]

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Packaging In The Age Of Social Media

Packaging has always been one of the most important facets of marketing. As you drive past a car dealership, will you be more drawn to the practical blue sedan, or the bright red sports car? As our senses are bombarded by an ever-increasing barrage of ads vying for our attention, the way a product is […]

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Subscribe Pro To Join Panel At eCommerce Campfire

Subscribe Pro is excited to be attending the 2019 eCommerce Campfire event in Charlottesville, put on by our partners at Gauge. We’re equally thrilled that we’ve been asked to join other eCommerce innovators and industry leaders on the panel at the event. Titled “Customer Experience: Memorable Steps On The Digital Journey,” this eCommerce Campfire will […]

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Lululemon Tests a New Membership Program

Popular athleisure brand Lululemon has begun testing a membership program in its home country of Canada. For an annual fee of $96, customers get a pair of yoga pants, a monthly pass for a yoga class, and other perks. Once the program has been tested in Edmonton, it will be rolled out in other markets. […]

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Being Clear and Honest With Subscription Terms

Subscriptions are great! Well, usually. It’s important that you’re honest with your subscription terms. If you add value for your customers, don’t mislead them, and are fully transparent about terms, they will love you and happily subscribe to your products. If you try to trick them with dishonest or misleading language, you will get tons […]

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London-based “Ugly Drinks” Embraces Subscription Model

Seltzer? Delivered? Yes please. That’s the premise behind London’s new player in the sparkling beverages game, Ugly Drinks. The expansion of subscriptions throughout so many different verticals goes to show what savvy marketers have known for years now: that the relationship between customers and their favorite brands is changing. Read the full article below! https://qz.com/quartzy/1371992/lacroix-has-a-new-british-competitor-in-the-seltzer-wars-called-ugly-drinks/

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Subscription Commerce On The Rise In The UK

Subscription commerce has been growing dramatically in the US over the past few years, but it’s also been experiencing growth all around the world. In her article for the Retail Gazette, Ava Szajna-Hopgood describes this growth in the UK: “While it may not be the first major trend in retail to come to mind in […]

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Birchbox Debuts Revamped Site Design

When it comes to curated subscription experiences, Birchbox is the biggest player in the game- and with good reason. Founded in 2010, the brand can be credited with setting off the boom in popularity of subscriptions. That trend has only gained steam in the eCommerce world in the eight years since their founding. In order […]

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Feminine Product Subscription Company raises $3.8m

Subscription commerce is suitable for such a wide variety of verticals. Any regularly-purchased CPG products work well, and auto-delivery provides a major value for customers. Check out the article on Athena Club below: https://www.xconomy.com/new-york/2018/07/31/for-women-only-e-retail-subscription-firm-athena-club-raises-3-6m/

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Subscribe Pro Announces a New Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Subscribe Pro today announced that it has launched a new integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the fastest path to unified commerce. Commerce Cloud enables brands to provide personalized experiences for shoppers that span web, mobile, social and in-store. And now, as part of the world’s #1 CRM platform – Salesforce – brands can deliver completely […]

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