Lululemon Tests a New Membership Program

Rob Holthause

December 18, 2018

Popular athleisure brand Lululemon has begun testing a membership program in its home country of Canada. For an annual fee of $96, customers get a pair of yoga pants, a monthly pass for a yoga class, and other perks. Once the program has been tested in Edmonton, it will be rolled out in other markets.

There are a number of reasons this program looks like it will be successful for Lululemon.

First, the brand’s customers are intensely loyal. The customer base is likely to not only see the value in the program, but also more willing to engage with Lululemon in this way. They’re also looking to belong- the pants will carry an emblem so that members can spot each other in classes.

Second, the value is there. The annual fee of $96 is actually less than a pair of Lululemon’s pants, and includes a monthly pass to classes. That’s an exceptional value that is likely to draw customers in.

So what does the brand get out of this program? A more actively engaged customer base. The benefits there could be quite large- Lululemon will have access to more data to better understand customer wants and trends, and members are more likely to visit Lululemon’s site or stores to spend more on the brand. Members are also likely to share their experiences on social media, getting the brand and the program some free publicity.

While it remains to be seen how successful the membership program can be, Lululemon has implemented it smartly, and has the right customer base for such an offering. Check out the full article this content here.

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