Flexible subscription management software for eCommerce.

Subscribe Pro includes integrations with popular payment gateways like Authorize.Net, CyberSource and Braintree and eCommerce platforms like Magento Enterprise and Community.

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Subscribe Pro is a fully featured subscription management platform. Subscribe Pro has been highly integrated with the Magento shopping cart to optimize the customer experience. Please take a look at our screencast to see a quick tour of that customer experience.


  • $159

    Self-Service Plan

  • Base Fee – $159 / month
  • Processing Fees – $0.40 per transaction
  • Magento CE (Community Edition)
  • Self-Service, Ticket-Based Support
  • $279

    Community Plan

  • Base Fee – $279 / month
  • Processing Fees – $0.35 per transaction
  • Magento CE (Community Edition)
  • Email and Ticket-Based Support
  • Phone-Based Support
  • $389

    Enterprise Plan

  • Base Fee – $389 / month
  • Processing Fees – $0.30 per transaction
  • Magento CE (Community Edition)
  • Magento EE (Enterprise Edition)
  • Email and Ticket-Based Support
  • Phone-Based Support


Subscribe Pro is a subscription management platform which allows you to easily add a subscription option to products on your eCommerce website. Subscribe Pro plugs into your existing Magento website and let’s you get up and running quickly.

  • % Quickly Integrate with Magento

  • % Use the Authorize.Net CIM Gateway

  • % Add a Subscription Option to your Products

  • % Store Customer Credit Cards Securely

  • % Easily Manage and Update Subscriptions

  • % Track Subscription History and Key Metrics

Subscription Management

Subscribe Pro for Magento allows you to easily implement subscriptions and recurring billing on your Magento website. We offer a Magento extension which plugs all the power of our subscription management platform into your existing Magento website. Subscribe Pro offers your customers a seamless experience to subscribe or create one time purchases, while providing you a fully featured management interface to manage and track your subscriptions.


Subscription Retail

Converting your one-time buyers into subcribers and improving your customer retention is shown to increase average customer lifetime value (LTV) many fold. Once customers have subscribed to your products, good customer service is the key to retention. Subscribe Pro provides the features your customers will need to manage their subscriptions and keep them coming back, right on your existing Magento website.


We’re Certified

We have 2 Magento Certified Developers on staffBecause quality is important to us, only Magento certified developers work on our Magento products.

In addition, we have been certified by Authorize.Net and participate in their Certified Developer program.
Authorize.net Certified Developer

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