All merchants who accept credit cards are required to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Subscribe Pro provides features which can significantly reduce your scope and help you avoid expensive audits and assessments.

The Subscribe Pro Vault

Our product implements credit card tokenization technology to securely store sensitive credit card data in the Subscribe Pro Vault.  The vault is powered by Spreedly, a Level 1 PCI Compliant service provider.



How it Works

The Subscribe Pro Magento extension uses a technology called JSONP to implement the payment method and credit card submission forms.  Using JSONP means that sensitive credit card numbers and information are POST’ed directly from your customers’ web browsers to the secure servers at Spreedly.  Once the credit card is received it is turned into a token, a unique identifier or token that cannot be mathematically reversed.  The token can then be passed safely between Subscribe Pro and Magento and allows any type of payment transaction to be run against the credit card.

The implementation of JSONP technology in our Subscribe Pro extension means that your PCI DSS scope is significantly reduced.  Because the sensitive credit card data is transmitted directly from the customer to the vault, Magento and your web servers will be considered out of scope for both storage and transmission of sensitive cardholder data.

More Information About the PCI DSS

Visit the PCI Security Standards Council:

Visit our service provider, Spreedly:



“Trusting Subscribe Pro proved to be the right move, we were able to fulfill subscription orders in a very timely manner during site migration.

Botton line: Subscribe Pro has awesome support, is competitively priced, and fits our business model perfectly.”

Laura Subialka, Sr. Business Analyst www.FridgeFilters.com

“The customer support is fast and reliable. They listen to our feedback and incorporate it into new releases frequently. It’s reassuring that our customer information, order history, etc are synced and easily exported for safe keeping as well.

I would highly recommend Subscribe Pro to any company who wants reliable software to manage the subscription side of their business.”

Dale Slear, CTO WineAwesomeness.com

“Subscribe Pro is an up and coming product that integrates smoothly with Magento. It can be customized to meet your needs and has a great third party administration panel, separate from Magento, which makes it easier to manage all the subscription products.

In addition, Garth and the rest of the Subscribe Pro team have always been very responsive. They always go above and beyond to assist us or our customers whenever we need their help.”

Beth Shero, COO Shero Designs

“Subscribe Pro’s staff listened to our needs and helped us work through our implementation process from beginning to end.  The service performs exactly as advertised and our subscription customer service issues are almost non existent.  What has impressed me most is their responsiveness, willingness and expertise in tailoring the platform in an effort to meet our needs as we grow and evolve.”

Jeff Boomer, COO www.Previnex.com

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