Subscribe Pro Features

Ordering Automation

Customize the frequency and timing of recurring orders to fit your business model and customer needs. Utilize smart algorithms to automatically retry failed transactions, reducing involuntary churn.

Our advanced order retry rules allow you to fine tune the timing of order retries and customer notifications to maximize success rate and minimize churn.

Advanced Payments Platform

Subscribe Pro Payments allows you to accept customer payments via credit card and other common payments methods. We provide integration support for hundreds of payment providers and many advanced features.

Our payments platform offers all of the following advanced features:

  • 3D Secure 2 (3DS2) Authentication
  • Account Updater (AU)
  • Gateway Tokenization
  • Payment Orchestration / Payment Routing
  • Stored Credentials Support

Subscribe Pro Merchant App | Manager your loyal subscription customers and their data

Self-Service Customer Portal

Subscribe offers our Hosted My Subscriptions Page, a branded, hosted page where customers can easily manage their own subscriptions, check status and order additional items.

The My Subscriptions Page is fully customizable and can be integrated into your existing website or used as a standalone page. The My Subscriptions Page works on all devices and the theme can be fully customized to match your brand.

If you need even more flexibility, Subscribe Pro's APIs allow you to build a completely bespoke customer portal.

Subscribe Pro Merchant App | Manager your loyal subscription customers and their data

Powerful and Flexible APIs

We offer APIs covering all features available in the Subscribe Pro platform. The Subscribe Pro API is a standard REST-style API that accepts and returns JSON. We are committed to making sure all data stored by our subscription commerce platform is available via API and that all operations may be completed via API as well.

We have architected our platform to provide a solid foundation for the long term. Our support team is never more than a phone call away. And when you need our help, we strive to provide truly world class support.

Customer Service Tools

The Subscribe Pro Merchant App is powerful customer service tool. Your subscribers are your most loyal customers and we believe it is essential your customer service team has access to the best tools to manage those customers data.

We equip your customer service team with a toolkit for managing subscription queries, updating customer information, and solving problems—all within a single easy-to-use and flexible app.

Subscribe Pro Merchant App | Manager your loyal subscription customers and their data

Email and SMS Notifications

Subscribe Pro's Transactional Email Rules allow you to customize notification emails and / or SMS messages based on specific triggers or customer behaviors.

Subscribe Pro also allows you to send notifications via your existing email provider with ease. We offer a direct integration with Klaviyo and integrations via our Webhooks system with other email providers like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Dotdigital or SendGrid.

Build Sustainable Relationships With Your Best Customers