Subscription Tips: How to Turn Trials into Replenishment Subscriptions

"Subscription Tips: How to turn trials into replenishment subscriptions" over an image of a box filled with items

Subscription Tips

Today we are starting a new series!  In “Subscription Tips”, we are going to share some creative ideas to improve your subscription program.  Let us know your experience with trial programs by sending us a tweet!


Trial Set –> Replenishment Subscription 

Let me introduce you to Every Man Jack.  They are a men’s grooming company.  They also happened to have a really neat subscription program.  It uses the trial to full subscription idea really well.  Let’s take a look.

Subscription Tips: Every Man Jack "Subscribe" webpage with arrow pointing to Subscribe navigation link and a option 1 "Start with Trial Sets" highlights in a red square.

Every Man Jack’s Subscribe Page

On their homepage, Every Man Jack highlights their subscription program through a navigation link.  It isn’t hidden in a product detail page.  It is presented right next to the “Shop” link.  After navigating to “Subscribe”, customers see two options:  


  1. Start with Trial Sets
  2. Build a Subscription Box 


These two choices offer a ton of value.  A new customer can try out small versions of popular products for only $10 and more confident customers can customize a subscription box.  There is something for everyone.  Upon selecting “Trial Sets”, we see more details.

Subscription Tips: Every Man Jack's "Trial Sets" page showing four different options

Every Man Jack’s Trial Sets Page


On this page, customers can select one (or more) trial sets.  Beautiful graphics and well written copy help a new customer decide what set to select.  This all helps customer acquisition. 

But how can we increase those customers’ LTV? 

By converting trials into full subscriptions.

Subscription Tips: Screenshot of Every Man Jack's checkout page with Subscription details highlighted in a red box. Subscription details talk about how a full size box will be sent after the trial set.

Every Man Jack’s Checkout Page


At the checkout page, Every Man Jack informs the customer when their trial will turn into a full subscription.  They also provide a detailed breakdown of what will be in that box and the cost.  This type of transparency is very important.  We never want the customer to feel tricked into a subscription.  Rather, we want them to appreciate the convenience of not having to reorder for products they love.  


Final Thoughts

We hoped you enjoyed these subscription tips!  Using Subscribe Pro’s flexibility, Every Man Jack was able to turn their trial program into a source of new subscriptions.  By converting trials into full recurring orders, they increased the likelihood customers will continue to buy awesome men’s grooming products.  This increases CLV and customer retention.  Of course, if the customers didn’t like their products, they can easily cancel or modify their subscription through the “My Subscription” page.  


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