Five Ways to Keep Customers Engaged Once They Subscribe

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June 23, 2023


As we all know, churn rate can be the bane of a subscription commerce business’ existence. That’s why it’s essential to keep customers engaged once they subscribe. It’s important to remind them of the value they get by subscribing because the longer you can keep them as customers, the more valuable they will be to your business. Here are five proven tactics for keeping them engaged—and subscribed!

1. Create a subscriber-only newsletter

Develop an email newsletter that’s designed specifically for current subscribers. The content can showcase (and remind them) the value they’re getting as subscribers, but also will help them feel like they’re getting a bonus. What should you include in your newsletter? That depends on your product and your customers. If it’s a food product, for example, perhaps you can send them weekly or monthly recipes using your products. Think about what your customers not only want, but what they need.

2. Send them a thank you coupon

By this, we mean a physical coupon, not something you email. But don’t call it a coupon. Call it a thank you. Including it in the packaging for their products or even mailing separately will get you in front of them in an unexpected way.

3. Hold a best customer contest

Ok, all your customers are great, and you may not want to single someone out for being the best customer (or maybe you do), but you can increase engagement by having them participate in a contest. Perhaps it’s a photo contest that shows them using your product in a unique way. Or you ask customers to caption an image of your product in an unusual setting. Use your imagination and think about what your customers would want to participate in, and what would motivate them to share your product through their social networks.

4. Mine your data

Do you typically get more subscriptions on a Wednesday or a Sunday? Do your customers only buy subscriptions, or do they add other things to their shopping cart? Do certain products resonate better in specific zip codes? Look at your customer data to see if you can pinpoint some key trends, and use that as a point of engagement. For example, if more customers subscribe on Wednesdays, maybe you have a specific social media content on that day that reinforces the customer’s behavior.

5. Pick up the phone

We know, you can’t possibly call all of your customers. Nor should you. But take some time once in a while to call a handful of customers. Ask them how they’re doing, if there’s anything your company can do better. Not only will they tell give you valuable feedback, they’ll also probably be happy you called.

How has your business engaged its customers? We want to know! Leave a comment below, or if you want some advice specific to your business, contact us.

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